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Jabba sat at the head of the table. She was Jabba's personal whore. She was totally and utterly butt fucked. Bringing one leg over the chain, she had it between her legs as she bent over and wiggled her thong clad butt at Jabba, who licked his lips. The woman ignored her plead and squeeze her breast to enjoy herself.

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After the Nal Hutta trip, Padme was brought back to the palace with Jabba.

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The Gammorean was next to move towards her. Padme thought she was buffing, but the female bounty Hunter fired a shot that almost hit her head to the point that she was serious. His tail soon was pushing into her now raw butt hole as she was raped for what felt like the hundredth time in the ass. The guard put a chain around Padme's neck and a man held the other end.

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