Cablevison and fox suck

Fox had been blacked out in Cablevision homes since Oct. Cablevision services the New York metropolitan area. The signal was restored in time for the third game of the World Series, which is being televised by Fox.

Picking up on a small part of the post, I've had two instances where an entity has responded to a post I wrote. As I understand it there is software that crawls the net for key words and pushes hits to the subscriber. Nice guy; but, it's a bit creepy.

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Wiki for commonly asked questions, places to visit, place to eat, etc. Optimum customers could lose Fox channels right before MLB playoffs nj. That's a pretty high bar to meet what with all the terrible political things Comcast has been involved in.

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GeekNJ to ako They looked like certified junk when they were analog using s-video on Explorer I know this move was just a sales pitch, since they are now part of the iO Silver and iO Gold packages.

The standoff between media conglomerate News Corporation and cable provider Cablevision continues: For the third day in a row, millions of would-be television watchers in New York City and its suburbs were without access to the Fox network, which is owned by News Corporation. Cablevision claims that it already pays for rights to retransmit programming from its Fox network by paying fees for the cable channels that the News Corporation owns. But News Corporation executives cite the value of their programming and point to how much Cablevision pays itself for small cable channels like MSG, which Cablevision owns.

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For New Yorkers who get their television fix via Cablevision, a dispute between the cable company and FOX could cause them to miss the game. Early Saturday morning, Cablevision yanked FOX during an episode of The Simpsons ; things could have gotten very interesting if the Yankees-Rangers game had gone into multiple extra innings. ET, the negotiations ended, and the two sides started firing off competing press releases, blaming each other for the development. Talks reportedly are resuming at noon today.

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I think we're on the wrong side or something like that. Anonymous: I know this is going to sound weak, but we honestly don't watch that much TV in my house. I just can't stand the BS from Cablevision year after year.

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