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It wasn't something he ever thought much about before finding out that he was a wizard. His very first night at Hogwarts though proved he had something to worry about, lest he become hated here too. It was the middle of the night when Harry awoke, the pressure in his bladder demanding release.

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Harry frowned as his bladder once again sent urgent signals to his brain but there was nothing he could do for it. Last night Sirius Black had tried to get into Gryffindor tower and everyone was freaked out; his dad the most. Even though he tried not to let Harry know that he saw through his mask.

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Harry woke early in the morning, as he was accustomed to at Privet Drive. He had to have breakfast ready by the time Uncle Vernon was up for work. Harry always wondered how they managed without him during the school year. He never resented doing his chores, not until he found out what life could be like without them.

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Harry Potter buried his face in his girlfriend's hair and smiled. It was their first time sleeping in the same bed and he could get used to this. They were both naked and Ginny was cocooned against him, fast asleep and her hair smelled like strawberries.

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The next morning, Harry awoke to the sound of rain splattering against the windowsill. He groaned into his pillow as he realised that Malfoy — Draco Malfoy — was sleeping in his bed. Sighing, Harry got up and looked out the window, only to be greeted by dark grey skies above and people running around with umbrellas below. In short, typical London weather.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters do not and never will belong to me. Nervously Neville stirred it. It was supposed to be green. Not purple.


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