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Some people think oral is more intimate than penis-in-vagina sex, others don't. Seriously, the amount of people who've asked me how sex with a woman compares to "real sex". It's one of the reasons I was always confused by people who are happy to have oral sex or hand stuff, but draw the line at vaginal sex. Honestly, I really wish we could de-mythologize the concept of "virginity"— lesbian or otherwise— as a concept. How weird is it to tell someone that what feels like a sexual encounter to someone is not one?

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Astrid. Age: 30.
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You know when you've had sex, amiright?

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Elliana. Age: 30.
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How Do Lesbians Lose Their Virginity?

But its position as some kind of marker seems to remain. They're not doing it in a "I just wish this was more like sex with a man " kind of way. And, if it's with a girl, how do lesbians lose their virginity?

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