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Mouths dancing next to each other, teasing, the scents of their breath mingling together sweetly. God Matt sounded like a love sick puppy. It was like the pits of black devoured and sunk deeply into his veins, at peace with itself. Arousal filled the green eyes, and his lips were slightly parted from shallow breathing as his chest burned, wanting to burst from his ribcage. The young male laughed - no, giggled at the males tone. Standing outside the males room, his hands drenched with seat as his cheeks burned. Softly grunting at the sensation, he pulled away to give that signature cocky smirk.

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Dalary. Age: 24.
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Since when did he ever giggle?

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Brylee. Age: 27.
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It was egging the detective, or at least, he hoped it was. Tilting his head to give the other more access to his neck as he made his way down, he murmured softly in what could have only been approval. Taking a gulp, the teen lifted his hand, gently padding on the door but standing his ground, even when his brain shouted at him to run. I tend to be a laid-back kind of dude with a sweet set of wheels.

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