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sissy glamour captions
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Loretta Lynn : Yeah, I'm sick alright; I'm goin' to have a baby. Doolittle Lynn : Hell's Bells, Loretta. Loretta Lynn : Yes you will, daddy. Loretta Lynn : Shoot, you don't put salt in a pie! Loretta Lynn : You think I'm going over there with you and all them folks knowin' what we been doin' in here? Loretta Lynn : I done wrote me a song, Betty Sue. Loretta Lynn : What does that mean?

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Baylee. Age: 22.
sissy glamour captions

But Doo, he don't want me to say nothing.

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Nova. Age: 29.
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Sissy Spacek: Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn : Were you goin' without me? Doolittle Lynn : I ain't gonna tell you. Loretta Lynn : And the more I laugh, the hornier he gets, and then he'll say, "Loretta, spread me up another one of them baloney sandwiches!

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