Redhead bush

redhead bush
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Flowering occurs from spring through to autumn. Its star-shaped flowers are red or orange with a yellow crown -like structure at the centre. The flowers also have five small narrow green sepals mm long , five yellow stamens, and an ovary topped with two styles that are fused together at the tip and expanded into a five-sided stylehead. When fully mature they split lengthwise to release numerous brown seeds. Younger stems are finely hairy i. The individual flowers are borne on smaller stalks i. Fruiting occurs from late summer through to winter.

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redhead bush

These fruit cm long and mm wide are borne in pairs and turn from green to pale brown in colour as they mature.

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The individual flowers are borne on smaller stalks i. A common weed of disturbed sites, waste areas, roadsides, railways, wetlands, swamps, creek banks, river beds, riparian vegetation, floodplains, coastal sites, old cultivation and neglected pastures. The exact origin of this species is obscure, but it is native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the America's.

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