Meta knight galacta knight

meta knight galacta knight
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This is similar to Meta Knight's Mach Tornado. You will now fight a warrior who was sealed away for fear his power was too great. Show him what the power of four can do! This attack cannot be guarded against. I will now summon this great warrior once more. Other recurring Bosses at least 3 appearances.

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Galacta Knight did not appreciate getting yanked from beyond space and time forcefully, so he immediately thanks his summoner, Star Dream , by slicing it along its base and causing it to topple over.

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Galacta Knight

The shockwave leaves a star when hitting the wall. Notably, his feet are also magenta, which differentiates him from both Kirby and Meta Knight, whose feet do not match their body color. Aeon Hero may perform this move twice in succession, conjuring the next rift as the first one is still firing. After releasing his charge, he stabs his lance into the floor to summon a giant tornado that travels across the stage.

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