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Just think what a nude patch would do to Duke's image Duke 3D's sexual content was funny and not over done, in DNF it was embarrassing and childish. DNF's sexuality was over the top in a bad way. This is Gearbox forum bullshit, "hehe guys whos boobs do you like the best hehe" , Fuck off. Burnett, on 23 March - PM, said:. Newsflash, the net is full of porn, please leave gaming to games. Captain Awesome, on 23 March - PM, said:.

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Deviance, on 22 March - PM, said: Having Duke Nukem naked in front of a mirror playing with feces and throwing them at the mirror, is probably the most deranged thing that could ever happen in video game industry

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Captain Awesome, on 23 March - PM, said:. When I opened the video, I admit I was expecting to be given a reason to face palm myself to death! Luckily I didn't get scarred for life after seeing this video since it was just something boring. Sorry if I come across as mad its because, well, I am.

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