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southpark anime
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The show's theme music was originally composed by Primus , but throughout the series' run the music has been replaced. Later and newer episodes have tended to replace Kenny with Butters. Most characters on the show belong to the Roman Catholic faith, the only character who isn't Christian is Kyle Broflovski who is an ethnic Jew and member of the Jewish faith. Inside Eric Cartman's house there is a crucifix on the wall that looks too depressing rather than how it looks in reality. The quick production on the show allows the program to respond quickly to current events, such as the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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The show is heavily criticized for its animation, but the quick way of making episodes allows a quick production time, with some episodes being made in as little as three days.

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South Park

The first season relied on shock-value, with rather weird and unusual plotlines such as the breeding of elephants and pigs and a giant mechanized version of Barbara Streisand. Kyle is the smartest and has high moral standards, and is one of the only Jew in town; which causes him to be constantly mocked by Cartman, much to his frustration. The opening sequences tend to differ over the seasons as well.

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