Mikey begins

mikey begins
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She slams the door and runs upstairs only to be greeted by Mikey who climbed in through his "secret" way. They both fly off the balcony and are soon discovered by Shawn and Mr. Assuming Jessie is simply stressed over David, Rachel politely asks her to leave. He tells her he really liked her marble game and then proceeds to take a larger than average marble and hit her in the head. He blames his younger sister, Beth, when his foster mother, Grace, reprimands him for it. She tells him to unplug it and leave.

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Shawn comes in and Mikey starts to sling marbles at her with his slingshot.

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Mikey Begins

He tells them a man came in and killed his family. It is then revealed that Mikey has been taping the murders in secret. Rachel goes upstairs and finds Mikey watching a movie. Retrieved 2 September

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