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Owned by the always friendly and seldom sober April Rhodes, A Cup-pella is a tiny coffee shop in which the only thing more mismatched than the random assortment of furniture and decor is the clientele. Did you make any new friends this year? When we first started, we knew we were asking a lot from our players. Something you want to do again next year? Are they intentionally funny, or do they find other ways to amuse you? Think of a kiss like an apple.

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Heather. Age: 24.
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But whatever their reasons to open that bright yellow door for the first time, the truth is it now feels a bit like home.

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Kamryn. Age: 30.
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What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? What is the single best thing that happened in the past year? How many people did you have sex with this year?

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