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That would be Homer Murraythe rambunctious chef of Brooklyn's River Styxexpounding on what makes nachos so awesome. His version, which has been on the River Styx menu since before day one "We had a friends and family, and the only thing people liked was the nachos," he jokesmight be the best we've ever had see the recipe. That's because, despite Murray's nonchalance, they're made very carefully with close attention to every crunchy, gooey, cheesy detail: Just-fried tortilla chips are hot and heavily salted.

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This giant pile of nachos lives up to its name and these are by far the best nachos I have ever had at any casual chain. The secret to this Margaritaville Volcano Nachos recipe is in the stacking of the ingredients. You start with a layer of yellow corn tortilla chips and then spoon on some creamy, slightly spicy nacho cheese.

Never eating nachos again was a real fear of mine when we were making the transition to veganism. Sour cream and tons of cheese were the highlight of eating nachos, right? Thankfully, through many trials, our vegan nacho plates are now just as good, if not better, than our non-vegan ones!

If you read this website with any degree of frequency, it should come as no surprise that within the First We Feast offices, nachos reign supreme. Much of our nacho philosophy, as well as the experiences that inform it, can be found in this essay. Here, then, are the 10 Commandments of Nacho-Making.

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Spicy wings, loaded pizza, and bar bites galore—all paired with an ice-cold beer and team camaraderie. Sounds like the perfect Sunday, no? These nine nacho-average recipes are proof.

When I end up with a lot of different odds and ends of cheese in my fridge I will often consolidate them and make a nacho cheese dip. I first saw this done on an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown made fondue goo with a bunch of leftover cheese ends. The main difference in mine is that I add in a jar of salsa to give it some zing.

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Discussion in ' General ' started by OddyballOct 27, Ultimate Nachos! Joined: Oct 12, Messages: Likes Received: 1, Don't you hate it when you make a nice plate of nachos with all of the good fixens, and then when you go to eat it all of the good shit is on top and the bottom is dry - well here's my recipe

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Warm Vanilla Sugar. The idea is pure genius. People are freaking creative!

Ahh nachos… How can anyone resist them? That perfection of each chip gloriously basked in beans, cheese and salsa. Its like heaven on earth right? Well the bad news here is we all know that nachos are typically loaded with fat, grease, animal byproducts and lots of other nasty stuff… Trans fats anyone?


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