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On Xev's insistance, the three of them travel to Fire to attempt to bargain with Prince for Stan's soul. When she is unable to do so, she escapes and returns to the Lexx. When Stan and Kai fall from their moth onto Water, Stan dies albeit temporarily and Kai sinks to the center of the planet, leaving Xev alone and in command of the Lexx. Stan also frequently comes on to her, but even with her heightened libido, she still finds Stan repulsive. Prince attempts to coerce her into coming over to his side, which Xev fakes doing until Prince asks her to kill and consume one of his priests. Xev makes her first appearance the character is initially same in Episode 2. She is madly in love with Kai, but he cannot return her feelings because he is dead.

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Khaleesi. Age: 31.
xrv bellringer

Xev is discovered to be in stasis in the Cryochamber by Prince , the leader of a barren planet called Fire.

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When Kai jumps down into the center of Fire and becomes trapped there, Xev is once again left as the only character with any recourse available to her. Despite obvious disdain for Stanley in a sexual sense, she does consider him a good friend even if they both regard each others opinions idiotic at times. Prince tells her she doesn't want to 'upset the balance' by destroying Fire, but after some debate she chooses to do so anyway, freeing both Kai and Stan from the planet.

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