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Wolf eventually had sex with his mission trip partner, which the Mormons suggestively enough call a "companion. I think that would be a popular one. A favorite trope of hers to play with is that of the "companionship inventory. The church has banned polygamy since the late 19th century, and it's not as if Mormons' sex lives are weirder than anyone else's. Although his former companion is now married with kids, Wolf says their affair—and the sexual tension leading up to it—changed his life.

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Photo courtesy of MormonGirlz.

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Bailey. Age: 32.
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Mormon-Themed Porn Is Apparently a Booming Business

She says that kind of arcane info is part of the appeal for her fans. And according to Wolf, people aren't exactly disappointed by the repetitiveness. At the very least, it's the inspiration for MormonBoyz. While the idea of Mormon-themed porn might seem hyper-specific, it makes sense.

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