Green eyes tumblr

green eyes tumblr
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My opinions and the opinions expressed in reblogged content do not necessarily align. Purple eyes in literature are commonly possessed by royalty or super speshul characters. The second is a series of dropdown menus. The rest of the time, the albino has very pale, colorless irises. Eyes are almost always the first thing we notice about a new person. Heterochromia can occur after severe trauma or because of a genetic disorder.

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Most redheads, by the way, have blue eyes, not green.

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Elisabeth. Age: 21.
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However, most people inherit it naturally without any side-effects, which means heterochromia is a safe way to give your character technicolor eyes. Heterochromia - this is a ocular condition where part of all of the iris is a different color. Native Americans and people of African descent never have blue eyes. Blue-eyed characters are often associated with water.

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