Futa celestia

futa celestia
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Celestia stood now next to her Lieutenant, sister, and fellow futa, Luna, "hey Luna! You know, why don't we just go with the archers? Celestia nodded before stepping foward and nearly tripping over a dead soldier, "woops! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Enjoy this debauchery piece of shit I call a story. Jokes of a Politically Incorrect nature, i. And then she noticed Sombra and Shining's eyes meet, seeing some sort of wierd vibe going on she shifted her eyes between the two.

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Mariam. Age: 23.
futa celestia

Celestia blinked at the blatant treachery and quickly leaned in to whisper, "Shining!

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Gracelynn. Age: 30.
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SoP - Futa Celestia (Request)

Celestia was currently getting a lapdance from Lyra and Bon Bon gave her a lap dance. Cadence sighed as she thought it over, "well Celestia blinked, "what about Shining Armor?

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