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This is where film and television are very different. Some people were even convinced that, at one point, one of the participants had an erection. In an attempt to warn viewers about the explicit content, Channel 4 preceded broadcasts with a large red triangle on the screen and the words "Special Discretion Required". It's not even like the programme was any good to compensate. The question for Channel 4, never shy of causing a controversy, is: will anyone care? D isappointingly, this is an urban myth.

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T here were other examples, too, such as a fleeting shot of a penis in a adaptation of a Somerset Maugham story.

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It is no coincidence, Fiddy says, that full-frontal male nudity became more common during the late Seventies and early Eighties, a time when there was a "sudden relaxation of the rules" on the stage. It might have raised the odd eyebrow but it certainly didn't feel scandalous. Please refresh the page and retry. This is where film and television are very different.

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