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Please Note: I have posted this on Fanfiction. She was quite proud of that accomplishment. After being pulled from the storm trooper program for her ability to fight, she became a glorified security guard. After having some fun with his new prisoner, he decides to use a special type of weapon on her. It's normal for padawans and their teachers to become close, but the Council hadn't expected this turn of events - nor what the future would become because of it. He bit his cheek, remaining motionless and unsure quite how to explain it aloud before Rey spoke again — her voice barely a whisper —.

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Iliana. Age: 28.
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Ezra grows closer with members of the Ghost crew as secrets are revealed and relationships are changed forever.

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Julie. Age: 25.
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He resettled his feet, pointing one slightly inward as he stared down to the grass beneath them. Kylo Ren keeps finding himself drawn to Rey and her light. After breaking months of tension by visiting him in his bed, Rey is hesitant to address it with Kylo despite knowing he plans to leave the Resistance in a few days. She was quite proud of that accomplishment.

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