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The beats are basic, with minimal instrumentation - "Sit Back Relax," which replays the Taxi theme beneath a pro-pot chorus - but nonetheless effective "All In Together". He doesn't stick with a single formula, blending retro Rhodes with G-Funk squiggly synth on "Still Thuggish Ruggish," using aggressive bass synth to drive "Murderah," wheeling out lyrical guitar and crashing snare on "Don't Doubt Me. Nevertheless, it's got everything you expect from the group: tongue-tripping rhymes, soulful melodies, and rapid changes between heartless aggression "Fire" , and tender ruminations "This Life". Unlike on Alpha And Omega , though, this time Bizzy has nothing much to say, just spinning out one positive self-assessment after another "Get Bizzy" , plus strikingly obvious, self-explanatory "4 The Ladies. Tupac Shakur guests on one track "Thug Luv" and it's nonstop gunfire and celebration of violence, jarringly different from the mood of the rest of the album - I'll refrain from further comment.

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Hunter. Age: 31.
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Together with the rapid-fire rhyming, you end up with a two-hour experience that never gets repetitive or stale.

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (and solo work)

Quija" overdoes its "Mo Murda" chant; the title cut drags a bit and they got better mileage out of their routine on future full-length releases. There are a couple of pleasant surprises, though: the celebratory "Hip Hop Baby" and "Complicated" featuring The Outlawz, with a hilarious, Biz Markie -style resinging of the Avril Lavigne hook. At album length, though, the approach wears out its welcome: U-Neek relies so heavily on high synth squiggles you get the impression his keyboard doesn't have any other settings, and the lyrical preoccupation with death and destruction is limiting "Mo' Murda," "Die Die Die". But it ends up being an intriguing project, as Krayzie crafts memorable vocal melodies over atypically mellow, lush grooves "We Ain't Really Living," a lift from Wyclef Jean 's "Sweetest Girl".

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