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The faraway stationary black-and-white photography works, for once, lending a surreal vibe to the proceedings. Kim Kardashian and Ray J This is one of the earliest and most notorious celebrity sex tapes, having nearly ruined Lowe's career. Here she's wearing knee-high boots in a Stevie-Nicks-sex-goddess look. It's introduced by sleaze Rick Salomon himself, who thinks more highly of his skills than he should his creepy catchphrase: She likes it

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This is just sloppy filmmaking, especially from a veteran music video director.

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Aryanna. Age: 26.
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11 Celebrity Sex Tapes, Ranked by Cinematic Value

They make the most of their locations—in front of a mansion, driving in a car, on a yacht, swimming in a lake—as well as the now-nostalgic analog video camera, including an artful zoom into the MAYHEM tattoo on Tommy's stomach. Bonus points for self-deprecating jokes about his crummy photography and pubic hair. Pam and Tommy were clearly in love during their honeymoon.

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