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Because she also carries a rifle and sports a red flame-designed bikini top with black shorts. After being bought by Elias Ainsworth. Her tomboyish appearance and childish behavior have earned her the name Radical Edward. She is a child prodigy in the world of hacking. And she is always ready to fight head-on with enemies. In the case of Shirayuki, her red hair has caught a lot of unwanted attention. But with great power comes a big stomach.

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Julissa. Age: 30.
anime redhead girl

During her time with Elias, Chise learns magic and decide to be optimistic about herself and enjoys the new found joy in her life.

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Lorelai. Age: 21.
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Her magic allows her to keep some of her Armors in a dimensional pocket so that she can always be ready for a fight. Speaking about her father, he was a cartographer and always forgets about everything except his work. There is nothing to know more about her than her eccentric behavior which I guess she got from her father.

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