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Egg or sulfur smell Poop stinks. Constipation is never, ever fun, and while most cases can be treated by eating plenty of fiber and drinking tons of water, it may still be worth a check from a doctor. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. While poop can be a multitude of different colors, such as green, yellowish, or the crowd favorite brown, there are a few that you should watch out for, says Dr. Inflammatory bowel disease, infection, and trauma can also cause red bleeding. However, if your poop stench resembles a weird egg or sulfur smell, you may have something going on that needs to be treated.

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Sam explains, it can be something as simple as hemorrhoids, or as serious as colon cancer.

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Other benign causes of black poop are consuming black licorice, iron pills, or even blueberries. Of course, it may just be something simple like Pepto-Bismol , which has the unfortunate side effect of causing weird black poop the same is true for other products that contain bismuth salicylate. And yes, sometimes that is the case, and the causes can vary wildly -- as Dr.

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