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In typical mainstream movies, he actors are usually in some sort of skin-fitting material. Essentially, they treat it just like any other movie, but when it comes to the time for the sex scenes, they don't use socks or anything to cover the genitals They'd do stuff that would end up in magazines, as well as regular shoots. Game of Thrones is harder than most of the softcore we were producing back then. Then there'd be a variation of it that was more for internet distribution

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Louisa. Age: 22.
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Softcore is treated very much the same way that we do a regular NC scene in a movie but, it's just a little more graphic and a little more focused on the act and the movements, so they pretend to penetrate but they're freaking six inches away.

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Jocelyn. Age: 21.
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'Outlander' and 'The Knick' Inch STARZ and Cinemax Forward

The variations on set as far as what they would do, often times on the softcore shoots they wouldn't cover up the genitals, they shied away from showing an erect dick because that would almost guarantee you to not be able to publish You can't show an erect penis or open vulva or any of that stuff. I mean, as far as the simulated sex scenes and that sort of stuff, it was all very, very role-oriented. There was some sort of rule to avoid it even being considered a hardcore by the standards and practices of a given studio. You have these guys, Lex Steele, Evan Stone -- they're the only famous ones because they got to put out sheer numbers.

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