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We all have to wee multiple times a day, so urination is something most people don't think about. But if your urine suddenly starts to smell a bit funky, it could be cause for concern. The smell, colour and frequency of your urine can provide vital clues to your health and wellbeing, so it is worth keeping an eye and a nose out.

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Urine can reveal a lot about someone's health. So while it might feel strange to discuss the odor of urine with a doctor, it is important that a person talks to a health provider if they notice a sudden change in the appearance or odor of their urine. In this article, we discuss the reasons for sweet- or fruity-smelling urine, symptoms, warning signs, and when to see a doctor.

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It's a natural fact that every mammal has to pee. Eating, you can hold off for a few days, pooping is optional for a while anywaybut peeing is right up there with breathing on the list of things you just gotta do each and every day. So when something happens to stem the flow of pee, trouble ensues - and fast.

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Urine luck! This is a golden opportunity to learn some pretty cool facts. Of course, this varies a bit depending on how much you're eating and drinking, Dr. Don't worry if you go a little more or little less often.

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Back to Health A to Z. Smelly pee on its own is not usually a cause for concern. There are often things you can do to help your pee return to normal.

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What could be causing my husband's urine to have a very strong odor? Is it cause for concern? He is 74 years old.

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If you notice a sweet or fruity aroma after urinatingit may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. There are a variety of reasons why your pee smells sweet. The smell is affected because your body is expelling chemicals into your urine.

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Urine odor refers to the smell from your urine. Urine odor varies. Most of the time, urine does not have a strong smell if you are healthy and drink plenty of fluids.

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By Dr. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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To many, urine smells like urine and vanilla smells like vanilla. But androstenone, a derivative of testosterone that is a potent ingredient in male body odor, can smell like either - depending on your genes. While many people perceive a foul odor from androstenone, usually that of stale urine or strong sweat, others find the scent sweet and pleasant. Still others cannot smell it at all.


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