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The state of North Carolina has a strict law against sex offenders. The state protects its residents by ensuring that persons convicted of a sexual offense have little or no chance at re-offending. Duration of registration depends on the possibility of an offender to re-offend.

Deputies assigned to this unit monitor registered sex offenders in Durham County, conduct investigations, and apprehend offenders in violation of the conditions of the registry. Registration hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience.

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Constitutionality of sex offender registries in the United States. NARSOL asserts that while sex offender registries in the United States were originally well-intentioned and for the most heinous and dangerous sex offenders only, their reach has exponentially widened to include petty offenses such as teen sexting and consensual relations between young people. While NARSOL believes that offenders should be held accountable in court of law, it criticizes current sex offender registry laws in the United States.

However, the laws surrounding removal are complex. Your best chance at success comes from working with an experienced criminal law attorney like Peter D. He will sit down with you, review your case and advise you on your rights.

This list was created to inform the public of the whereabouts of individuals who have committed crimes of a sexual nature. The list is intended to provide safety. The Sex Offender Registration requirements determine what exactly is a reportable crime that requires registration.

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To make it simple for parents across the state to look up registered sex offenders, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation offers a handy, searchable database. That database contains the names, offenses and last known addresses of the state's registered sexual offenders and predators. There are 59 registered offenders listed as living in Mooresville, and registered in Iredell County, according to the site.

In previous blogs, we have tried to remind people that sometimes a criminal case is not just about prison time and probation. There are a lot of other collateral consequences of being convicted of a crime. In the case of certain sex crimes, one the most severe consequences is having to be place on the sex offender registry.

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The Sex Offender Section registers; confirms addresses of registered offenders and arrests and prosecutes those offenders in violation of North Carolina General Statutes. This law requires a person who is a resident of North Carolina and who has a reportable conviction to maintain registration with the sheriff of the county where the person resides. If the person moves to North Carolina from outside this State, the person shall register within 3 days of establishing residence in this State, or whenever the person has been present in the State for 15 days, whichever comes first. If the person is a current resident of North Carolina, the person shall register:.

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Return to Services. North Carolina law requires sex offenders who have been convicted of certain offenses to register with their county sheriff. The sheriff collects information from the offender and court documents.

Inthe Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act came into law, which birthed a national registry for sex offenders. Convicted sexual offenders were organized into three tiers, depending on the severity of their offenses. After release from prison, offenders would be obligated to report their residence address at specific intervals. This information was shared with state governments, so that law enforcement officials could monitor parolees and ex-convicts.


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