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CNN is a television news network inspired by the success of Comedy Central 's The Daily Show and The Colbert Reportopening to poor numbers inmostly because it was running against Seinfeld reruns. CNN's one mission in this world is to question the Presidentand in a time of war no less. CNN employs a wide array of pinko-communists to read the news to its viewers, instead of feeling it at them.

This always happens. Just be very, very suspicious. Grab a sound bite real quick.

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Senior administration officials said that the proposal is one of several options under discussion with high-level Egyptian officials around Mr Mubarak, though not him directly, in an effort to convince him to step down now. The officials cautioned that the outcome depended on several factors, not least of all the mood of the protesters on the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities and the dynamics within the Egyptian government. Some officials said there was not yet any indication that either Mr Suleiman or the military were willing to abandon Mr Mubarak.

Bragg military base. Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd. Photo by J. The magazine editor and international style icon died at the age of 48 in May.

A quick note on the obvious hypocrisy of this event. But, in the writing, I started to see more than that. This event is actually…creepy.

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Posted by Oui Mar 22, Uncategorized RT — Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has issued a response to Christiane Amanpour after the CNN anchor lashed out at the diplomat over his inability to appear on her show and brought his daughter into the equation. In her Thursday show, Amanpour said :.

Bronze casting of sheep entrails reading. Back in the good old days — to say the days of the Roman Empire — they practiced haruspicinain which a person trained and practiced in haruspex examined the entrails of sheep or chickens and were said to divine the future therein. Since Donald John Trump secured the Republican nomination for President, the Republican Party has, in a grand, slightly slo-mo, display, disemboweled itself in full public view.

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CNN was bombarded by complaints about its wall-to-wall, breast-to-breast Anna Nichole Smith coverage, but the ridicule seems not to matter. As the news media struggle to find equilibrium in an era of increased competition and decreased trust, we have some lessons that defy current conventional wisdom. The most important is that newspapers—yes, old, print-based, non-digital, non-instantaneous, sos newspapers—still matter enormously. The other is that the outlet best equipped to provide instant news, the cable channel—and CNN in particular—has become a massive failure, especially under the control of Time-Warner.

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Source: Allan H. The Senator later apologised for her language on Twitter, but has been met with overwhelming support for her description of Abaaoud. I do apologize.

Advertisement Close X. Libyan rebels guarding an area to the east of Tripoli on Aug. It was updated continuously from February through the beginning of April. On Thursday, October 20, the Libyan Prime Minister announced that Moammar Qaddafi had been killed as his home town of Sirte was taken by fighters seeking to complete the eight-month uprising.


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