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I wanted the Internet to give me friends, anyone who understood how I felt and why. I changed in the bathroom stall of the gymnasium locker rooms, terrified of watching taller, thinner, curvier, prettier girls walk by, terrified of what they would think of me, terrified of what I would think of my own disgusting body if forced to confront myself in the mirror. Buried deep under my covers, I cried myself to sleep every night for months, illuminated by the glow of my phone screen showing me model after model after stick-thin model—each tagged, labeled, and raised on a divine digital pedestal with the words beautiful, inspiration, goals, and thinspiration. Separating our conversations about school shootings from our conversations about video games will improve our approach to both. While the Internet is also home to dangerous places like the sites I was a part of, I do not want to impart a message of fear. And the Internet delivered, slipping me tantalizingly easy advice on how to survive on calories a day and how to starve the right way, carefully explained in floral lettering.

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Lennox. Age: 26.
tight bodies tumblr

At some level, we are all experiencing the Web's toxic possibilities.

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Juliet. Age: 24.
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I had finally found a place where I belonged. Mental illness affects one in five adults in the United States, and the majority living with mental illness are not receiving adequate treatment. The trend toward non-religiousness in this generation is probably here to stay. Its impact depends on who wields it, and for what purpose.

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