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I think I would be kind of standoffish because I would be so afraid of showing my feelings or coming off as a fool. His whisper resonated through the chilled air, like the final note of an orchestra, the strings still not unmoving. Originally posted by thedevilwearsvibranium. Then the fact that your mother was McGonagall. But you ignored that fact sitting on a bench to pull on your converse. Your heart thumped its lazy beat, almost bored. You could taste the blood in your mouth and feel it seeping from your hands as you lay unmoving under the buzzing streetlamp.

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He foolishly allowed himself to wonder if you thought the same of him.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When James joined the quidditch team they had cheered for him and came to as many games as they could. Your smile widened, you glanced across to Sirius mouthing a thanks. You finally gave up and let your head fall back onto your arm, your hair spilling onto the desk as you let the world disappear behind you. And, less often, I can leap into elated ones, where the world feels like sunshine and even my nose looks good.

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