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Study your habits, for they will become your character. The use of black is in line with the favouring of black in hair and clothing colour in the Emo style, while the integration of pink — a colour more commonly associated with femininity — sheds light on a less masculine element of the identity that these young men are expressing. The Emo attitude Although several of the Emo boy profiles were limited or lacking in text, four of them were quite extensive in their use of text. Numerous other studies explore girls' use of the internet for identity creation Stern, ; Stern, ; Dobson, ; Grisso and Weiss, ; Tsoulis-Reay, When writing about romantic or sexual partners, the Emo boys often use romantic language. A good performance of hegemonic masculinity concentrates on strength and achievements rather than physical appearance.

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Summer. Age: 27.
emo boy model

The characteristics and attributes that are associated with hegemonic masculinity are aggression, assertiveness, strength, boldness and logic Pollack,

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Anya. Age: 28.
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The creator has chosen a picture of a gun, a symbol that could be associated with hegemonic masculinity because of its connotations of violence and aggression; however, he has coupled it with the more feminine image of the love heart and the colour pink, rendering the image somewhat ambiguous. Four of the subjects also had facial piercings and visible tattoos in their pictures, and black was predominant in their clothing and hair style. The combination of makeup and heavily styled longer hair created an androgynous look. Two of the above listed criteria were enough to identify the profile owner as Emo.

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