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The first is based on ignorance about the Bible or perhaps deception , and the second is neglectful. May e I should give you a little of a back story. If habitual masturbation persists, consider how to have meaningful conversations about it. However, masturbation has not come up in the books and so I have not ever mentioned it to him. Masturbation is the opposite of this.

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Danica. Age: 23.
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My 3 year old has always been aware of his genitals and when he was younger and started to touch himself I would tell him that he needed to do that in private in his room.

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Zariah. Age: 25.
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Stop Playing with Yourself! Talking to Young Boys About Masturbation

Often in doing these things, parents see the masturbation habit disappear altogether. When these things happen anger accompanies it. Sometimes these nutrients can imitate estrogen or actually increase estrogen production.

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