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anime girl with eyes closed
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Ayako Yuuki of Advanced Variable Geo always has her eyes shut. The Ini we see, however, is actually Mimi Miney, who's impersonating her sister and keeping her eyes shut to fit the role hers have a very distinctive look. On the other hand, how he makes vivid facial expressions with the mask on the rest of the time, or is able to see, is never explained She also has them open in the Chapter during her fight against Dynamis , and she looks pissed. Also, there is a comic scene in the new Zatoichi in which he has eyes drawn on his eyelids - so much so, one of the characters gets flustered, thinking he is staring at her. Jon's mother from Garfield ; she does open them when startled or surprised though.

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The English translation of the manga hangs a lampshade on it, but in the Japanese, he's talking about getting laid.

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Eyes Always Shut

It's also possible to give an Avatar of either gender this. It's referred to on-panel by other characters often, even down to the fact that this should render him blind. Saburo Watanuki in Penguin Revolution , another instance of the trope being used to indicate a wise and good-natured character. The trope usually sticks upon those of characters at old age, or apparently girls who are meant to be represented of beauty.

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