Homestuck dirk

homestuck dirk
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It appears as though he uses his blade when he's seriously bringing the pain, but when he absolutely has to represent in a display of sheer dominance he uses Lil Cal to ruin his opponent's shit. Jack is enraged, possibly due to being denied a proper duel, and proceeds to set the oil rivers of LOWAS on fire. Dirk runs many "ironic" websites, including a paysite for implied pornographic material involving puppets. This predilection towards creating intelligent programs is not dissimilar to his post-scratch's own vested interests in robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as his creation of his self-aware Auto-Responder. Tavrisprite Gcatavrosprite. Dirk is obsessed with puppets and has decorated his apartment with them. While initially introduced as Dave's brother, Dirk is actually a paradox clone of himself sent back in time as an infant from the present.

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homestuck dirk

Dirk uses Dave's second gate to get to John's house , stealing back his rocket board.

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Dirk Strider (pre-scratch)

As Dave tries to get back the Cruxite Egg , Dirk buys him time by cutting the giant meteor heading for Dave in two. They battle upon the giant Beat Mesa , and they seem almost matched in power. Although later, in a conversation with Terezi, he claims it would be easier and cleaner to take out horizontally and launches off of it in a attempt to prove it and then just lays there with his shades aside, presumably in his form of mourning. Many of his interactions with Dave only involve violence and his constant poker face is never broken by body language, to the point that Dave likens him to a robot.

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