Literotica denial

literotica denial
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But even by ignoring you, I would be actively controlling your sex life by denying you relief. I told her that I thought we should go into marital therapy. Why was she being so cruel? She placed it through one of the holes in the leather strap that held the cage in place. She then bent over me and began licking me through the metal bars of the device to get me hot, and the same result. The episode had no negative effects on our marriage.

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Dana. Age: 32.
literotica denial

She stopped when the pain was getting too extreme.

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Madison. Age: 26.
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Denial Ch. 01

But in a few months, things began to slip again, and soon we were back to the once monthly session. She was not in the mood, so on an impulse, I handed her my belt, got on my hands and knees, and asked her to hit me a few times on the ass. I wondered if the basis for our sexual relationship over the last 10 years was centered on this, and whether by symbolically castrating me like this was part of her psychological need, a plan which began with her denying me intercourse and sexual contact.

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