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I strive to provide helpful information, including smart and fun methods for solving everyday problems. Be smart; have fun! Names are constantly moving up and down the popularity list.

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And it's a tough—and important—decision. For centuries, it has always been one of the most popular feminine names. Another famous Abigail?

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If you like old-fashioned, vintage, retro, classic, eclectic, unusual, and slightly uncommon names, then this is the list for you! To rate lists on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. A Latinized Germanic name; means "bear" and "spear"; borne by a 13th-century queen of Castile.

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When it comes to baby names, we're firm believers that everything old is new again. With that in mind, here are twelve vintage-inspired girls baby names that we'd love to see come back in style. Alice The name Alice, which means "of the nobility" or "noble born," consistently ranked in the top 20 girls names during the early part of the 19th century, but its popularity began to wane during the '40s and '50s, dropping down to the th by the end of the decade. However, in recent years, it's begun to experience something of a revival, and was ranked the 76th most popular baby name for girls in by the Social Security Administration SSA.

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According to HuffPostNameberry looked into the top names from and discovered names like Lottie, Chester, Cleo and Floyd were among the top This list is some of the other popular names from the early s that are poised to make a comeback. We hear old timey girls names almost as often as we hear of more modern names.

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Baby names trends roll in cycles, like many things. One of the most popular trends to have emerged in recent years is the recycling of old-fashioned names. Recently, the Office for National Statistics released the most up-to-date data on baby names from all births that took place in the year — and it proves just how much the vintage baby naming trend has taken hold.

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Check out these classic and vintage girl names that are ready to make a comeback. Searching for the perfect baby name for your daughter? You may want to look back through your family tree for inspiration, because just as fashion gets recycled, so do baby names—and some of the most stylish names for girls were last in vogue nearly a century ago.

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In a time, when trendy names are dominating the playground, some parents still long for elegant and simple names of the past. And just like fashion, even baby names get recycled. Some of the most stylish names today were in vogue even a century ago. So many vintage names have been refined, revived and restored to use that it may feel that the attic is empty.

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Of course, not every vintage girl name is stylish — we may never see the comeback of Ethel or Bertha — but many retro names such as Cora and Iris are being dusted off and restored to their former glory by modern parents. Unique vintage names for baby girls on the rise include Cordelia, Imogen, Posey, and Susannah. Vintage baby names combine tradition and uniqueness and may also be used to honor a family member or hero from the past.

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Back to all baby names. Vintage baby names are back in fashion, so browse through our list of the best vintage baby names and take inspiration. A well-known short form for Theodore is Theo.


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