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The group, To the Stars Academy for Arts and Scienceobtained the videos and says they're evidence pilots are coming into contact with Unidentified Foreign Objects. Each year there are thousands of reports of UFO's across the country and world, according to Swiatek. Following the release of the videos, there's a renewed interest in whether or not aliens are piloting UFO's.

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A pair of orange fireballs streaking across the dark horizon. A mysterious object crashing into Lake Winnipeg. These are among 1, reported UFO sightings across Canada inthe second-biggest year for unexplained alien activity in the last 30 years.

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Five crescent-shaped objects were traveling in formation, moving like saucers bouncing off the top of water. Up and down. Jimmi Bonavita, then a Virginia Beach police officer, saw the "semi-translucent" globes coming over the horizon, several miles out at treetop level.

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It was established by Joe Boyd and John "Hoppy" Hopkins and featured light shows, poetry readings, well-known rock acts such as Jimi Hendrixavant-garde art by Yoko Onoas well as local house bands such as Pink Floyd and Soft Machine. It opened on 23 December Soft Machine and Pink Floyd were booked for the first two Fridays, and then re-engaged as the club carried on into after its initial success. Initial events combined live music with light shows, avant garde films and slide shows, and dance troupes.

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Home Events Info Join Contact. Hour from p. Rastal Craft Master Grand mug, Beer Fest backpack, along with a souvenir glass and unlimited samples.

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The center, based in Davenport, Wash. In all, there were UFO reports from the state in Click here for the full list.

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But if Brits want to don tin foil hats and look for evidence of extraterrestrials in the UK, where should they go? The Facebook plan to storm the American base to "see them aliens" began as a joke which is now being taken seriously — deadly seriously. Not only did Facebook pull down the page, the Air Force issued a chilling warning to potential raiders that: "The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.

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By James Nye. Built on an island not that far, far away, is a house - but not as we know it. That is because with its blinking, strobing, technicoloured lights, the metal saucer-shaped home of retired industrial arts teacher Roberto Sanchez Rivera, 58, is meant to look just like a grounded UFO. Resting on the slopes of Juana Diaz in Puerto Rico, the otherwordly house exists only to prove a girl wrong after years, and all because Rivera suffered the same fate of many geeks across the planet - he was dumped.

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Josh watched it along with his friend's family until about 10pm, when clouds came over and covered it. The object did not really move, but the stars seemed to move around it, Josh said. The object appears to get smaller and brighter before the video ends.

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You go through these frightening experiences, and then you go through the ridicule. I had been invited as a journalist with a special interest who has been talking to some of them for several years. Betty and Barney Hill pose with John G.


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