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After one of the siblings fatally jumps out of a bedroom window, the others are watched intensely by their parents — much to the curiosity of the local teenage boys. Audiences were shocked and intrigued by the first trailer for "Cloverfield" a movie no one even knew was in the works especially by the Statue of Liberty head that comes flying into view. The expanded version of the story, though, just couldn't quite live up to that shocking moment.

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Now, as Criterion essentially enshrines the film as a classic in its own right, she joked that she recently asked the distribution company whether anybody buys DVDs anymore. I had my brother [Roman] and my husband [ Spike Jonze, at the time] helping me. It was definitely scary, but there was so much to do, so we just figured it out.

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Their lives fascinate the local boys at their school in Grosse Pointe, Mich. The movie starts when the youngest of the girls, Cecilia Hanna Hallattempts suicide. The girls act like carefree sprites unbridled by sadness or loss in the sequence, which at this point in the story, is far from the truth. The Lisbons are a strict, religious family and the cross is a near constant visual motif.

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I grew up with a lot of men. It was me and nine boys, once you count all my brothers and cousins. My dad, Francis Ford Coppola, was a macho film-maker and his friends were all of that ilk, so I think I really clung to femininity and a kind of girly aesthetic.

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But that might just be the case for Sofia Coppola: The Virgin Suicidesreleased this week in a new Criterion Collection editionwas such a confident debut in that it immediately announced her as a generational talent, a status she cemented with her Oscar-winning follow-up, Lost in Translation. In the book, the young men are beginning to think about the mysteries of sex and womanhood, and they project all of their questions and anxieties onto this strange household that eventually takes on a sort of folkloric status. The book begins with a tragedy the youngest daughter, Cecilia, attempts suicide and then succeeds on her second try and ends with something even more horrifying; but, as Coppola noted, the story is too surreal and wryly funny to ever be truly hard-hitting.

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Tuman spoke about his own experiences with suicide, from clients to parents to fan mail. Tuman reiterated how the film depicts loneliness as not necessarily being by oneself, but a sort of existential solitude that can be felt even in the most crowded of places. The film centers on the tragically beautiful and sheltered Lisbon sisters.

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In her younger days, she appeared as the girl hero of two different movies, Jumanji and Small Soldiersthat were essentially about toys coming to life and wreaking adorable havoc on picturesque towns. In SuicidesDunst plays Lux Lisbon, one of five Lisbon daughters who fascinate the neighborhood boys, who are onscreen characters but are most clearly represented by the disembodied voice of narrator Giovanni Ribisi. Theoretically, Lux is part of an unknowable gaggle, but she emerges almost immediately from the pack—the first shot of the movie is of Dunst alone in the frame, finishing up a popsicle in front of a suburban backdrop. Some of this focus is clearly for plot reasons and may be even more clear in the Jeffrey Eugenides source material, unread by meas Lux is the sister who is romanced and then cruelly abandoned, post-sex, on a football field by jocky Trip Fontaine Josh Hartnett.

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Girlhood Studies: How has visual culture shaped ideas of girlhood? In a new column for AnOthermag. The first is fromwhen the then year-old actress appeared on David Letterman to promote Jumanji.

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Sign in. Brett Gelman of " Stranger Things " and " Fleabag " unearths a comedy gem, reveals the movie he'd show aliens, and more. Watch now.


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