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Join the community to add your comment. He wished to be an excellent parent like his own mother was to him. He just needed some time alone. His black hair started to grow to reaching his shoulders and turned honey blonde. A day where love was in the air, and everyone felt the need to show their love to their partner just a little bit more.

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People with partners at least did, Ash was single as ever and, just wearing his bathing suit, he wandered to the lonely, northern reaches of the Hano Beach, where he could bask in the sun in peace alone, without all those lovey dovey couples making out around him, making him envious.

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The next gym battle is waiting for us! He wondered why nobody came in here but quickly spotted something shiny in the corner of his eye and soon followed it. Ash should have been the bigger person, but he failed and now he had got into a fight with Daw. Now back to present time, Ash could see the Unova League up ahead.

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