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hypnotised superheroines
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She stands up straight, her elbow bondage forcing her large breasts out in front of her. She kneels down, between the Masked Avenger's spread legs, and begins to kiss up her thighs until she gets to her waiting pussy. She looks at you, upside-down, her mouth held wide open by the ring-gag. Once the glow subsides, you are very pleased to see a rather vacant expression on her face. Her head is encased in the Masked Avenger's featureless silver mask, but underneath the table-top she is completely naked.

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Lucille. Age: 23.
hypnotised superheroines

Its innards consist of a number of very valuable diamonds

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Delaney. Age: 32.
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Horny Hypnosis [Movie]

You might not recognise her without her mask Your eyes glance up and down her beautifully-pert body, barely hidden by her skintight costume, as she dances before you for your pleasure alone. Do both of you lie in wait, to ambush the Masked Avenger when she enters the dungeon? In her other hand, she's holding a compact, handheld, brainwave-scrambling device

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