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Unfortunately, the game is beset with some fairly serious stuttering during story scenes, likely caused by some sort of loading issue. The first entry in this proposed series of quick shot horror games is Man of Medan , which aims to replicate that Until Dawn magic, but can that be done without a big Sony first-party budget? Man of Medan is currently the best option for those desperate for more Until Dawn, but I'm hoping Supermassive Games can scare up something a little more substantial for future The Dark Pictures titles. Keeping a character alive almost the entire game through careful decision making only to have them die because you accidentally pushed the square button instead of the circle button is more than a little irritating. Or should Until Dawn fans put their hopes of a fitting follow-up to bed?

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I did play through the game again, finding a few more answers along the way, but some questions remain.

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Parents Guide

As an Amazon Associate, Wccftech. Focused players could probably blitz to the end in three or four hours. Man of Medan sticks to the classic slasher movie tropes, with a gaggle of sexy co-eds hitting the high seas for some drunken debauchery and a little light treasure hunting. My first run through only took around five hours, and that included lots of exploration.

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