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selfie tumblr pictures
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At that same event, Obama smooshed heads with the Danish and British prime ministers for what is arguably the most epic funeral selfie of all time. It's a visual language that older people — even those like me, in their 30s — simply don't speak. My Tumblr was once a collection of evidence, convincing the world that something very strange actually existed, but now everyone believes, and everyone has seen, and Thorning-Schmidt has the evidence on her phone. Topics Social media Opinion. It's a mixture of loss and celebration, of life in all its parts. So it was time to do the only sensible thing: It was time to declare victory, to revel in drawing a line from the bottom to the top.

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Jacqueline. Age: 32.
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Dozens of people quickly tweeted me about it, which pleased me greatly.

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Ellie. Age: 21.
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Obama's funeral selfie is a fitting end to my Tumblr – Selfies at Funerals

Topics Social media Opinion. They understand that their friend, in their own way, is expressing an emotion they may not have words for. But I'd hazard to guess that he, too, was speaking a language the rest of us aren't. This isn't the nature of kids today; it's just the nature of kids.

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