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All of the Cheneys have sat back as senators and members of Congress who stood up for their position against the constitutional amendment were attacked in campaigns across the country. Gay people and their supporters will no longer acquiesce in this charade. I thought the world had gone mad still do. Prevailing disapproval of homosexuality means that most people regard mentioning anybody's lesbianism as an insult and inappropriate. Then where will the pianos be? So the faster you get over it and live and let live as people so choose, with equal rights, whatever the minority the better off our whole culture will be.

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Frances. Age: 25.
lesbian piano

I truly wish it were a non issue, much like women's equality, but until everyone releases their fear and prejudices towards "different" lifestyles, then activism will continue to be necessary on all "alternative" fronts.

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Hallie. Age: 22.
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Quote Originally posted by wave the chicken: I am not gay I do not care if you are gay It is a persons character that matters. Next day I get to work and start seeing write ups about the furor over Kerry's remarks. Well I asked all 6 of them and 5 of them dont care and the other wants to see Kerry and Edwards deported to Antartica anyway

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