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Then an angel saved him, only to turn him into a bit of a devil. Currie had been working in banking at the time to make some money, but in he cashed out all his savings and maxed out every credit card he could get his hands on to start PuckerButt Pepper Company. He also insists super hot peppers cannot kill you. He explained to me that women can often handle the heat better, because Ph levels vary between the sexes. It took a "come to Jesus" moment.

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Eleanor. Age: 28.
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Skid had made himself vomit to relieve the pain.

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Gia. Age: 30.
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Strange Success

He's also a recovering addict who had some trouble with the law. Now Currie is a millionaire. In , a graduate student from a local college did some testing on his peppers and declared them the hottest in the world. The pain they cause is followed by something similar to a runner's high.

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