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His physical exam was overall unremarkable, with the exception of an uncircumcised penis with redness and inflammation on the glans penis and no discharge noted. The possibility of circumcision was discussed, 8 and the patient was given information about the procedure, with referral to a urologist in the area. He reported that he showers only once or twice weekly because of dry skin. Specialists in dermatology and urology can best identify persistent or chronic lesions and make appropriate treatment recommendations, including possible circumcision. Man, 72, With Peeling Penile Skin. Uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes can be implicated in candidiasis infections.

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Man, 72, With Peeling Penile Skin

Treatment of adult sexual dysfunction Question 1 of 5. A laboratory report from six months earlier was reviewed; all findings were within normal range, including the blood glucose level, with special attention paid for possible underlying cause; and the prostate-specific antigen PSA level, obtained for possible prostatitis or prostate cancer. Men's Health Emergency Medicine.

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