Umd 568

umd 568
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This course introduces algorithms for three-dimensional imaging, geometric modeling, geometric processing, information visualization, and computer animation. Solid modeling-wireframe, constructive solid geometry. Special emphasis on emerging software process standards such as the Capability Maturity Model of the Software Engineering Institute, and other international ones. Graduate students electing this course, while working under the general supervision of a member of the department faculty, are expected to plan and carry out the work themselves and submit a thesis for review and approval, and also present an oral defense of the thesis. The course will introduce both knowledge-based and statisical approaches to NLP, illustrate the use of NLP techniques and tools in a a variety of application areas, and provide insight into many open research problems.

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umd 568

This course provides an in-depth study of advanced data mining, data analysis and pattern recognition concepts and algorithms.

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All projects must be undertaken with one or more students under the supervision of the instructor. Lecture and discussion topics will be taken from several areas of computer science: simulation and modeling, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, real-time processing, game theory, software engineering, human computer interaction, graphic design, and game aesthetics. Topics covered include: web interfaces to databases, XML standards, web database design, web database architectures, web query languages, web data restructuring, web information integration, semantic web and ontologies, and web mining. Topics include database fundamentals, the relational, network, and hierarchical database models, normalization of data, distributed databases, and current trends and issues.

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