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The coaches are so much different, a wrestling coach is your alarm clock, your nutritionist, your drill Sargent, your aid along the mat, and your friend. I am a sophmore in high school and I am on the "BOYS" wrestling team, I moved to my new school in about Febuary of last year the end of wrestling season But i did wrestle at my old school on the varsity team. I have never wrestled a girl but am looking forwarded to. They know their responsibilitys and their limits. My new team is veary cocky and i think it could be because they are ranked in the state.

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Lindsay. Age: 28.
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Somehow, this is not the same Brandon Slay I have known for 17 years.

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Adilynn. Age: 31.
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Second, relevant to a quote on this site, why are you apparently taking joy in a developing young male's comment that if he loses to a girl he must give up the sport? He told me 'if a female joins wrestling then they should be expected to take on what ever a male can and no diffrent. I was estatic when I found out that women's wrestling would be making the Olympics this year.

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