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Plumeria was patient with him. He gripped that sheets of his bed and tried to stay conscious the best he could. Plumeria's hips pounded into the Caden endlessly, feeling empowered by the moans she was forcing out of the boy. He didn't know how to feel about her sudden feelings for him. Making sure he wasn't looking at her as he prepared for some kind of punishment. Your review has been posted.

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I'll be sure to look out for you from now on.

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As a matter of fact it was Kukui's idea to go inside a cave Caden hadn't seen yet in the Alola region that turned out to be at least 5 times larger than anticipated. I-I'll just go and you can just…do whatever you want OK?! The sheer innocence and determination of the small boy, his cute smile and even cuter face. But even though she vocally dismissed the idea of it earlier, truthfully she had full intentions of making the boy her new "little brother" for quite some time now.

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