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Bottom Paint Store has the low prices on all bottom paints! Also find answers to your most of your boat bottom paint questions:. The Best of the Best!

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A fresh coat of paint prevents aquatic life and barnacles from attaching to the bottom of your boat. Before you can start painting, however, you need to prep the bottom of the boat by cleaning, sanding, and priming the keel. Painting the bottom of your boat once a year will keep it looking and working great for years to come.

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One of the many advantages of dry storing your boat is the peace of mind knowing that your boat is free from the elements, which includes excessive growth on the hull. Most dry storage customers will just experience a yellow tinting of the hull. This is a reaction between the fiberglass and the salt water.

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Skip to main content Antifouling Paint for Boats. In Stock. The product is easy to apply on the boat, make sure that you mix it very well before application and that you do it outdoors, the fumes are strong. The product drys fast.

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TotalBoat JD Select single-season ablative water-based antifouling bottom paint. Low VOCs, TotalBoat Underdog Bottom Paint.

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Many people have asked me if it is really necessary to paint the bottom of boats used exclusively in freshwater. The answer is simple; if you leave it in the water for the season, yes, paint it. Your boat may not accumulate barnacles, but boats left in freshwater can grow a healthy beard of plant and algae slime.

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Anti-fouling paints also known as bottom paints are a category of specialized commercially available coatings applied as the outer layer to the hull of a boat, to facilitate the removal of subaquatic organisms algae and barnacles that attach on the shell of the vessel which can affect the vessels durability and performance. You are in the right place here if you want to select the best boat bottom paint for your boat. Different bottom paints work differently and have functions that vary from one tint to another.

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Skip to content. If you leave your boat in the water, especially salt water, for any extended period of time, all kinds of aquatic creepy-crawlies are gonna start growing on the bottom of the boat—not a good thing. One way to prevent marine wildlife from colonizing on your boat is to use antifouling paint on the parts of the hull that are continually submerged—essentially, from the waterline down. Antifouling paint contains biocides—toxins, usually a form of copper—that the mini-creatures that love your boat absolutely hate.

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While death and taxes may be better known, there's a third certainty in life many boat owners face that's often viewed with just as much trepidation. Photo: Frank Lanier. Ever since our first troglodytic ancestor shoved off astride his trusty log, mariners have tried most every concoction imaginable to keep waterborne critters and growth at bay, from mixtures of tar, sulfur, and brimstone, to paints laced with tin, arsenic, pesticides, and even the occasional jar of chili powder.

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Call SBS today! Scott's Boat Service. Over the past 18 years we've bottom painted power boats, sail boats, boats on trailers and brand new boats at your local boat dealer.


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