How to build a homemade penis sucker

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By Dr. So you've researched all you can about penis pumps and want to try your hand at making one yourself. Even though you can get discounted ones straight from us here.

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I was very young, a freshmen in college. My then-boyfriend had just graduated. He was working in a pharmacy while putting himself through medical school.

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These are my measurements after 2 years of using my penis pump — I started at 1. The obvious reason is this — we only have one dick and we need to look after that dick the best we can. When you use a penis pump there are already risks involved and you have to be really careful when using a penis pump.

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A bigger penis is what most men want more than anything else- even if they refuse to admit it. Pills may or may not work they rarely worked for me. But penis pumps have been clinically proven to work, right? Again, I am not recommending that you make a penis pump.

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If your penis is over 5" in girth you will need a 2" diameter pipe. Now attach the pipe to the end of the hose of your vacuum cleaner. This might take some ingenuity but most of the time some duct tape will work or you might need a smaller piece of pipe to fit between the hose and the length of PVC pipe.

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Do you want to put some of your most sensitive organs—your penis and balls—in danger of extreme discomfort or even permanent injury? There are various methods, but the main thing that you need is a chamber to put your penis into, some way to seal it flush against your body, and some way to suck the air out. In other, more simple DIY versions, people directly attach some sort of suction device to their dongs.

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Follow that to make your own Homemade Bathmate penis pump. A lot of men usually wish to have some gains in terms of penis size at one time or another, irrespective of their current size. The most popular is the use of a homemade penis pump.

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After you are tired researching about penis pumps and finally arrived at the conclusion that buying one is not your cup of tea, you can now let your worries rest in peace. Gather your DIY skills and take an oath to make your hands work the wonder while you prepare a homemade penis pump for yourself. Presented here is a blueprint for this project. Let us now discuss about the materials that you may require to make your own penis pump.

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The feeling of being caught by a friend in an adult sex toy shop when buying a penis pump or other sex toys often makes them think twice about it. In a normal hardware store you will find everything needed to build a penis pump yourself, a clear cylinder, a small vacuum pump, seals and glue. The self-built vacuum pump works on the same principle as all other pumps.

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Read whole article to avoid physical injuries!! This is because having a big penis size will definitely improve your sex life. Who does not want to be the best they can in the bedroom, right? For that reason, many men who have smaller penises will go to extremes so that they can increase both the girth, and length of their penis.


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