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Middleton suffered a major wardrobe malfunction when the strong wind blew her seemingly long yellow dress and gave onlookers a flash of her bottom. If you thought there is no way you could see Kate Middleton in a bikini, think again! Note: do not drink hot tea while viewing this gallery. Daniel Craig was presenting his new James Bond movie that night, but all eyes were on Middleton—no doubt about that! Also…what is she taking a picture of? Besides being a strong leader, an educated woman, and an influential public figure, Middleton radiates confidence, charisma, and poise through her classy attitude and heavenly figure. The Duchess of Cambridge had to make sure her dress stays down to prevent a yet another wind-sweeping-dress-up disaster.

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kate middleton topless uncensored

She really does know how to dazzle crowds!

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So Exposed! 18 Times Kate Middleton Defied The British Royal Family’s No-Nudity Rules

Send us scoop form close button. Photo Credit: Getty Images Photo Credit: Getty Images It was a fun game not only for the Duchess of Cambridge, but also for the paparazzi who kept snapping away from the craziest angles just to see Kate Middleton's bare bod as she was jumping to reach for the ball. What is it with Kate Middleton and the wind?

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